Located just beside the N25, Youghal is easily accessible to passing Motorists.

There are three exits for the town, on the West Side which will pass by the Greyhound Track, the Strand Beach, Old Train Station and the Lighthouse.

The Northern exit located halfway though the roundabout, takes you past The Rugby Club, Youghal’s iconic Water Tower, down Cork Hill and into the middle of the town.

The Eastern exit is at the end of the bypass by the Rincrew roundabout, which passes Youghal’s industrial estates, Millennium Park, and Supermarkets.

A regular Bus Service the Number 40 leaves Cork and Waterford each hour. Travel Time from Cork takes roughly 65 minutes. From Waterford this trip takes 90 minutes.

The bus from Cork has 2 drop off points in Youghal, the first Stop is by the Strand Church, the second stop is in the Centre of the town, at the Post Office, this is the stop you should depart the bus at for easy access to the majority of Queen Of The Sea Events

If Travelling from Waterford, depart the bus at the first Youghal Stop.

The #260 departs from Cork Bus Station and takes approx 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach Cork.